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Our Orthopedic shoes are custom made to provide comfort and added support. Each custom shoe carries the inestimable wealth of know-how and mastery accrued over decades of practice and dedication. A bespoke pair requires an average of 50 hours work by highly qualified artisans. If you are suffering from Plantar Fasciitis, Arch Pain or Flat Feet, Heel Pain or Heel Spurs or any other related foot  condition, we can help you.

How it Works

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Made to Measure

The “Last” or foot mould, is the first step of bespoke shoemaking. A bespoke shoe fits like a glove. It provides a unique physical sensation because it is married to the anatomy of the foot. It grows to fit the pressure points and respects the differences in muscle density. This is why we hand make every pair of shoe last to perfection. To initiate the process, our Master Last-Maker takes a series of foot measurements while you select the shape and design of your shoes. There are a number of features to look for when we make your orthopedic shoes โ€“ good arch support, wide toe box, extra depth, modest heels, breathable fabric, and moisture-wicking lining โ€“ just to name a few.

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Design & Shape Selection

After the foot measurements process, the client chooses the model, shape, heel height, sole and any other particular details. This is the most exciting step because you get the ultimate freedom to co-create and design your dream shoes. We can also recreate an existing shoe that you adore.

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Material Selection

Every made-to-order pair of Italian Shoe Factory shoes is built with the finest materials from Italy. We have a full range of leathers to select from at our showroom, special materials and exotic skins can be order as per the clients requirements. We strive to work with ethical leather Tanneries that are socially responsible and free from animal cruelty.

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The Trial Shoe

Following this first appointment, the Master last maker sculpts the shape of the foot on a shoe last. The client returns for a second appointment to try on a mock-up of the shoe. This allows the craftsman to further refine the precision of the last that will be used to create the desired pair. The third appointment consists of the final fitting and delivery of the shoes.

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Care & Maintenance

The entire bespoke shoemaking process can take about 4 weeks to delivery. Our custom shoes offer not only sturdiness and timeless elegance, but unique comfort. All our shoes are Goodyear welted, which is a traditional shoemaking construction that allows the client many long years of comfort and durability. After the shoes have been delivered we store your unique shoe last in our warehouse for future orders.